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Transform Your Life!

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What if This Year Would Be
Different From All The Others?

  • Achieve Your Goals

  • Create Success in Your Life

  • Transform Your Mind and Body

  • Enjoy a Prosperous Financial Future

TRAIN The Most Powerful Thing You Have and
You Can Have ALL This and MORE 

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

 This time of year brings out the goal setter and vision maker in all of us.

January 1st roles around and we begin to focus on the hope that the New Year brings. Articles flood the media about how to write goals for the New Year, what to write in those goals and how to keep your commitments to your goals.

THE PROMISE: You'll get all the information you need to change behaviors and change the way you think .  .   . in 1000 words or less.

In past years . . .  

Have you read articles, written your goals and found yourself
in the same place six months later?

The likelihood is that you are part of the majority who excitedly reach January 1st with renewed hope for a better year . . . and April 1st with the realization that nothing has changed.

According to Forbes Magazine, 92% of people never achieve their New Year's Resolution . . . 

Many of us are living but not fully alive . . . working at a job, but not doing exactly what we want to do.

What if THIS year could be a different year?

Imagine reaching April 1st MEETING your goals for the first quarter. Imagine what life would be like if next December you write goals that you KNOW you can and WILL achieve

Inside This Letter You'll Discover MORE
Than The Transform Your Life Program!

In fact, we have some great tools to help you throughout the coming year. Not only support to change your life and achieve your goals, but more perks, gifts and Healthy Life University courses that will give you the information you need to:

Grow your finances
Improve your job
Start a business
Strengthen your relationships
Discover parenting tips and tricks
Write a stunning resume
Mangage your credit
Master communication skills
And so much more . . . 

All of these benefits are in ADDITION to Transform Your Life when you become a part of Healthy Life University.

Transform Your Life is a Premium Course
you access inside Healthy Life University.

Transform Your Life will give you the tools you need to transform your life over the next 90 days.  By following the five stages of change you WILL experience personal growth and change that YOU define.

The Program Is Designed To Help You
Become The Person You Want To Be

Do you want to lose weight?
Do you want a better relationship with your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse?

Do you want a significant other in your life?
Do you want to start a new business or get a new job?
Do you want to be financially free?
Do you want to make more money?

Do you want to buy a house?
Do you want to be a better boss? 

 We Don't Define Your Goals . . .
We Give You The Tools You Need To Achieve YOURS

Our Transform Your Life program walks you step-by-step through a journey of change and transformation over 91 days.

We take the fear out of setting goals and give you the tools to discover what you really want.

Like all good things in life, it is not instantaneous and it does require some action on your part. But, you don't go through the process alone! There are other people who are right alongside you.

We have coaches who support your journey. You have an online community of people who are going through the same process, at the same time.

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Step-By-Step We Are On This Journey With You!

Week 1

You'll be introduced to the program and learn about the integration of inspiration with action and changed thinking. We'll give you a tool to help identify the things in your own life that inspire you to be the best you can be. These are the factors that you'll rely on as you move through the program.

Week 2

Changed thinking comes only when you open up to new ideas about change and learn to leave the past behind you. In these modules you'll discover 5 strategies you can use to change your thinking and use an assessment tool to explore the areas in your past that are negatively affecting your present and future success.

Week 3

Each of us experiences an element of fear that can affect our performance and success. This week you'll be addressing fears, self-limiting beliefs and exactly what you say to yourself that is stopping you from experiencing success. The interesting thing about these concepts is that you don't have to believe in order for them to work. You'll use an assessment to help you identify the self-limiting beliefs you can't get away from.

Week 4

In this week you'll identify 5 different ways you can conquer self-limiting beliefs and recognize the impact that negativity plays in your daily efforts to reach your goals. The associated assessments and checklists will help you determine the negative and positive forces working in your life.

eek 5

The modules in the beginning of this month are critical to the remaining transformation program. This week you'll discover how to stay committed to the goals you set, how habits are formed and broken and do an extensive assessment into your physical, financial and relational habits. This is an exciting week of discovery that will drive the remaining weeks of the program.

Week 6

Every article about strong mental and emotional health encourages you to find balance in your life. But what exactly does that look like in YOUR life? This week you'll get a glimpse into balance and stress that can support or upset your plans for success. Your worksheets will help you identify specific stressors that you'll use with strategies the following week.

Week 7

This week we introduce a powerful technique you can use to reduce your stress levels, reduce your negativity, improve your performance and improve your creativity. This is a technique that has been proven to work in any situation, which leads you directly into addressing issues with your physical health.

Week 8

The concepts of strong physical health can't be covered in one module so we'll be finishing up this week. You'll also look at the factors that build strong emotional health and how to incorporate those factors into your own life.

Week 9

Humans are relational beings. We enjoy our relationships with our friends and family, but sometimes these relationships can use a little fine tuning. Especially the one with our significant other! This week we'll explore ways to make each relationship the best it can be.

Week 10

Your financial health will often impact your emotional and physical health. This week you'll discover how small changes in your habits can change your overall outlook. You'll also learn a technique that has been used for centuries to change lives and improve health.

Week 11

This is the last full week of the transformation program. We'll address some of the basics of being physically healthy and financially responsible by shopping for healthy foods on a budget. You'll learn the importance of ready food labels and time saving techniques in the kitchen.

Week 12

This is your last week of scheduled programming - You have made it! You'll learn some of the keys to self-discipline in order to maintain what you've learned from Transform Your Life and be introduced to the next NINE MONTHS of follow up, support and tools we'll give you to continue your journey.




The 91st day of Transform Your Life is the beginning of the second phase.

During this time there are even more fun and exciting things happening that make this program different from any other.  Most people don't achieve their goals because they don't have the tools, accountability or information they need to do it.

You will have ALL THREE.

Most of us can't make permanent changes to our lives with just a book. That's why our Transform Your Life program is unique.

With our program you'll receive incentives and rewards
for your actions throughout the year. The incentives actually COVER THE COST of the entire program.

In other words, when you claim just ONE part of the rewards we offer through the year, you'll have gotten the Transform Your Life program FREE.

That might sound a bit over the top, but at Healthy Life America we are committed to helping as many people achieve their goals and live their dreams as possible. It's our vision and our mission for our company.

This is ALL YOURS  .  .  .

We've worked hard to be sure you have the tools and support you need to achieve the success and goals you desire!

For rest of your year you will have access to our Healthy Life University Personal Development and Motivational Library. This is an online educational and learning suite of interactive content and videos.

You'll also be involved in our online group coaching sessions, forums, fitness and nutritional trackers, meal planners  .  .  .  AND the Healthy Life Perks Program AND much more! Our Healthy Life Perks program gives you access to discounts, coupons and the lowest price guaranteed shopping service on over 300,000 name brand products.

Enrollment in the Healthy Life Perks program will also give you access to other local and national rewards and provide you with opportunities for prizes such as wellness products, tablets and other prizes valued at $1000.00s.

We UNDERSTAND that the challenge and #1 goal for the New Year are often financial. To help youMEET YOUR GOALS we decided to TRIM the price by 70% and include BONUSES that will COMPLETELY off-set the cost.  

THAT'S RIGHT! Our bonuses pay for the cost of the program in real value!

Want a breakdown of EXACTLY what's included and HOW YOU SAVE? This list is below!

If You Do The Same Thing
You'll Get the SAME Results!


This Exciting and Groundbreaking Program
WILL Change Your Expectations & Your Success

If you have been getting the same results in your physical, relational and financial goals every year and you aren't satisfied .  .  . then this program is for you.

If you want to experience the realization of new hope and success this year .  .  .  then this program is for you.

If you want a better life .  .  . then this program is for you.

You are the captain of your own ship, the master of your own life.

If You Don't Make A Change Then Nothing New Will Happen

You should expect the same results when you put in the same effort or use the same techniques. If you want something different . . .

It's time to do something different!



Based on the value of what's included you would likely pay $997 or MORE for Transform Your Life. However . . . we have another plan.

After our Introductory Time Offer is completed the price for Transform Your Life will be $997

BUT today . . . for a limited time we are trimming the price to $297 when you buy JUST Transform Your Life.

There are TWO ways to enjoy the benefits of Transform Your Life.

Before we show you the different options, let's quickly RECAP EVERYTHING: 



22 Interactive Modules over 91 Days

1 Year Access to Multiple Benefits Including Fitness & Nutritional Suite with Trackers licensed for our members

Online Group Coaching and Exclusive Community

Personal Development and Motivational Library

VIP Healthy Life Perks Program
Includes discounts, coupons and guaranteed lowest prices on over 300,000 name brand products.









**We are committed to helping you. If you want to join us and need additional help, just use the Contact Us link inside Healthy Life America and let us know how we can help.

Make the BEST Decision and 
Choose ONE of the Following Options!

Transform Your Life
is THE SINGLE BEST decision you'll make because it will give you the tools, support and information you need to achieve YOUR GOALS!

AND there are TWO different ways you can enjoy the benefits of a new life.
One of these options WILL fit your plans for the coming year!

Sign in to Healthy Life America and then click the button for one payment using Paypal portal. You can use your Paypal account or a credit card. With this payment option there is an additional $100.00 bonus.

Sign in to Healthy Life America and then click the button for 3 easy payments of $99.00 over 3 months using the Paypal portal. You can use your Paypal account or a credit card.